Supporting our community of authors and helping to reduce barriers to publication has always been at the heart of ASPB Publishing. To help you on your publishing journey we have now partnered with Editage – a leading global science communication platform - to offer services which ensure your research crosses boundaries of geography and language.

English Language Editing

Editage offers a comprehensive three levels of manuscript editing services. Each service level differs in terms of the scope of edit and post-submission support. All three levels of editing include free manuscript formatting for the journal of your choice.

Spelling, punctuation, & grammar
Sentence structure & terminology check
Letter from your editor & editing certificate
Publication-aspbcific formatting
Re-editing support for 365 days Free Free 1 round (@60% discount)
Formatting per your target journal Free for multiple journals Free for one journal Free for one journal
Word reduction Up to 20% Up to 20% Up to 10%
Reference check Consistency and Accuracy Consistency and Accuracy Consistency only
Plagiarism Check Free upon request Free upon request Free upon request
Presentation check (logic, clarity, & flow)
Journal cover letter & manuscript assessment report
Reviewer response letter editing
Crosschecking responses with revised manuscript
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Translation with Editing Services
Don’t get lost in translation! Our academic translators and editors offer subject-specific expertise and superior editing skills to ensure that your manuscript accurately conveys every nuance of your research in perfect scientific English to a global audience. Our aim is simple: deliver a manuscript that journal editors, reviewers, and readers find indistinguishable from those written by native English speakers.
We offer subject-specific translation with English editing for the following language pairs:
  • Traditional and Simplified Chinese to English
  • Japanese to English
  • Spanish to English
  • Brazilian Portuguese to English
  • Korean to English
  • Other customized translation pairs are available on request
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Artwork Preparation

When preparing your manuscript it is essential to create effective artwork that complements and boosts the impact of your research. However, it can be very difficult to follow the technical artwork guidelines laid down by journals. The Figure Preparation service by Editage helps you save precious time and effort by ensuring that your artwork is viewed favorably by the journal without you having to incur the additional cost of purchasing special graphics software.

How it works

  • Send us your final editable artwork files and other relevant information.
  • A team of design experts will format/revise your artwork to meet the journal’s technical requirements, while an expert editor checks your artwork for consistency and technical accuracy.
  • Check the files and resend for revisions (as many times as required, within 60 days).


Our Guarantee

We aim to deliver an error-free manuscript, ready to publication. If you're the slightest bit dissatisfied, we will re-edit your manuscript free of cost.

Subject Specialists

Our unique editor Selection algorithm ensures that your manuscript is edited by matching qualified experts in your subject area.

Data Security

Creating a risk-free environment with secure servers and a confidentiality agreement for authors and their valuable research is our top priority.

Frequently Asked Questions

Editage manuscript editors and writers go through the Basic Editor Training (BET) program, that comprises 5 standard modules and various customized programs. In addition, all our editors also receive intensive English language training. They attend external training programs and workshops that offer updates on grammar, punctuation, and style for American and British English.

Editage can edit as per two English language styles – American English and British English. Authors can specify their preferred language style.

Yes, Editage will perform edits in LaTeX and deliver the final document in TeX format. In addition, Editage will send a Word document showing changes made to the text along with your editor’s comments and suggestions. Please note that Editage does not accept LyX files for editing.

Editage does not accept software-translated documents for editing. Editage requests you to have your document translated by a professional before submitting for language editing. You may alternatively opt for our translation services.

Editage respects the confidentiality of research. Our employees are sensitized to the highly confidential nature of documents they handle and are required to sign confidentiality agreements that are indefinitely binding. Moreover, only the editor working on your job and your client manager will have access to your information. If required, Editage will also sign confidentiality agreements with you before we embark on any professional relationship. Additionally, our data security processes have been ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Editage accepts PDF documents only for Advanced Editing services. We do not accept PDF files under Premium Editing as the format does not support the content restructuring offered under Premium Editing.

When submitting a PDF file for editing, please ensure that the text is double-spaced. PDF documents are edited using specialized software, and text to be inserted is usually placed just above the original text. Therefore, the double-spacing will help you to easily recognize and understand the editor’s suggestions. The final files show the editor's changes and suggestions; however, you will have to incorporate those changes in your source file(s).

Note that as PDF editing involves a few additional processes, the turnaround time is a little longer than for editing an MS Word file. Moreover, a 15% premium is applied to the fee. (If you need a faster turnaround time, or if you wish to avoid the premium fee, please submit an MS Word version of your document.)

Re-editing is free for those who select the premium or premium plus service levels and discounted under the advanced service plan. To initiate your request please email

Our translation services include a thorough translation, edit, and review process. Once the document is translated by an experienced translator, the translated document is reviewed by a bilingual expert to check that the author’s original meaning is unchanged.

We guarantee that the quality of English in all documents edited by Editage will meet the standards required in the international publishing industry. This guarantee applies to every document edited by us, regardless of service, deadline, or fee. If your manuscript receives unfavourable comments from the journal because of the quality of English, we will re-edit your manuscript for free, as long as you had addressed all the editor's notes and comments and not made significant changes to the edited manuscript before submission.

Publication is a subjective process, so we are not able to guarantee that you will be published after you use our services. We do guarantee that we will re-edit your paper for free if it is rejected by a journal for reasons of English language alone.

The fee differs according to the Translation service you choose, the word/character count of the manuscript, and the turnaround time or delivery date you request. For an exact price quote, please check the pricing page.

Translation at Editage is quite different from regular translation. Having translators who are active researchers in your area of study ensures that they know the technical language of your field in both English and your native language, guaranteeing the most accurate translation possible. We also include a quality review for every translation in order to provide the most accurate translation of your important research. Moreover, our translation service includes English language editing by native speakers in your field, so you can be assured of the quality of the language in your final paper.

We have a secure online submission system in place for you to upload documents. If you have a document ready, you can upload it here.

Editage will prepare your figures to meet the requirements of ASPB’s submission guidelines. They will be sent to you set to the correct size, resolution, and layout

We are currently able to process the following file types:

  • DOC, DOCX (Microsoft Word)
  • PPT, PPTX (Microsoft PowerPoint)
  • XLS, XLSX (Microsoft Excel)
  • AI, AIT (Adobe Illustrator)
  • PSD, PDD (Adobe Photoshop)
  • EPS (Various Programs)

If your file type is not on this list, you can export it as an EPS file and send it to us. We will then advise you on the best way to export your figures into one of our recommended file types.

If you included an image within a figure, you will need to send this separately as the highest possible resolution file. Editage is unable to make changes to brightness, contrast, or color balance, and we do not crop images

Editage will be able to assist you with changing the color tone of the figures as required by the submission guidelines.

We currently accept payments via credit/debit cards.

Credit cards options available: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Diners Club and American Express.

We have partnered with 3 payment gateways for your convenience—PayPal, Braintree, and Stripe. The payment gateways available to you will differ depending on your country and the card you choose to use.

In addition to the services purchased, your invoice will contain the billing address you enter when you submit your order, the order date and details, and invoice code. Our support team can customize your invoice for you if you need to add any additional information.

Our billing department would be happy to provide you with any signatures or paperwork that you need to process your payment. Please e-mail our support team with your requirements and we will assist you.